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The winning, American message.We know what it is. It is firmly rooted in American values and principles. It is the Ronald Reagan conservative messaging. Lower taxes. Less government. Strong national defense.Judeo-Christian values.The civil society.The free markets. Protecting freedom and liberty. It’s a winning combination.

But, what does it mean to be conservative..? Conservatives rely on reason and knowledge and history and experience to make decisions. Conservatives adhere to fundamental beliefs in God- given rights and that every individual matters --every individual --- outside the womb and inside. Conservatives believe in God and in America. Conservatives believe in the Constitution as a legal and binding contract between our limited government and the American people for the purpose of protecting liberty. Indeed, conservatives believe in limited government. And finally, conservatives believe in an undying belief in American exceptionalism. Conservativism is not just a political ideology ..its a way of life!